Few people know what they're truly able to accomplish, and even fewer want to find out.

@ATTACKATHLETICS your book was one of the best books I've ever read. Thank you. Felt like you were reading my mind. #cleaner

This will be an issue. These guys are going on instinct, when the adrenaline kicks in, that's when injuries will happen. @FisolaNYDN twitter.com/fisolanydn/sta…

You know you can handle the pressure when it doesn't feel like pressure.

Kicking off #summersmash2017 with my friend andyfrisella and 1stphorm. Can't wait to talk to… instagram.com/p/BVvKGHFgphA/

Third time through this one and it keeps getting better. Anyone lookin for a competitive edge in business or sports read @ATTACKATHLETICS pic.twitter.com/DDlZpkHLtT

Smart people know that if you surround yourself with 10 successful high performance people you will likely become the 11th. #FridayFeeling pic.twitter.com/EYGmEhC0OE

Making it TO the top is not the same as making it AT the top. #draftday Blog: attackathletics.com/blog

For too many draftees, the moment they shake the commissioner's hand is the beginning of the end. Blog: attackathletics.com/blog/

While you're overthinking and slowly taking things one step at a time, someone just raced up those steps 3 at a time and got there first.

You can change teams, teammates, coaches, but real change has to come from you.

You are who you are. You can gain a million bucks or lose 50 pounds...still the same person.… instagram.com/p/BVnJ9PsAk9b/

Everyone wants to be the beast on a new team, until it's time to do beast-like things and face the consequences that come with it.

Great day meeting and talking to these great kids at the Boys & Girls Club in Akron. Thanks for having me! twitter.com/marnieschneidr…